Who we are

The company

     Bilimetrix s.r.l. is a research and development biomedical company with the envision to submit to the international market “Bilistick,” an in vitro Point of Care (POC) system for early diagnosis of hyperbilirubinemia. Bilistick is the only in vitro rapid diagnostic for measuring the level of bilirubin in newborns blood. It is the result of experience acquired during years of academic and professional research carried out by its entrepreneurial team.

The Bilistick System

     Bilistick will be used as a screening diagnostic to estimate the plasma total bilirubin concentration, triage newborns and evaluate risk of hyperbilirubinemia during discharge from birthing centers; and to assess severity of jaundice in newborns during follow up visits. In developing countries, where bilirubin-induced brain injury is common and laboratory resources for rapid bilirubin assays are often unavailable, Bilistick may serve a critical need to guide treatment decisions of jaundiced newborns.

Our vision

A world free from kernicterus, a preventable life threatening condition, allowing newborns to survive and enjoy a healthy life

Our mission

“Providing key stakeholders such as hospitals and doctors in western countries and governments and humanitarian organizations and health care workers in developing countries low cost and effective solutions to monitor neonatal jaundice and prevent kernicterus.”